Community Hall

Why a Community Hall?

Our previous Academic Institute project was very successful and beyond our expectations in being built to lockup stage in one year and solely funded within our own monastic community (approx. $4,ooo,ooo USD). This kind of accomplishment without outside help is rare. Because of this, we are encouraged to continue to develop the Barom Kagyu Buddhist Academic Institute to fulfill the wishes of our teachers and community.

The traditional architectural design can accommodate large groups for various gatherings such as teachings, ceremonies, community based programs focusing on youth and elderly education and care.

The building will be 5 stories tall and 2,000sq. ft. The first floor will house the place of worship and all the supporting statues, altar materials, and lineage thankas. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor will be meeting rooms and classrooms. The 5th will be guest rooms for visiting teachers and scholars.

Professional architects, painters, artists, carpenters, and materials including statues, will be sourced locally (Tibet and China).

Our motivation is to provide our local and the global community a safe and spiritually nurturing environment in this historically rich monastic area. No matter where you come from or what spiritual journey you are on you are welcomed here.

We are grateful to iLotus Canada , also a non profit, for gifting us with our donation gateway.  Your statement will read BKBA ILOTUS. We thank you in advance for your considerations and contributions.

Let's get started!

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