We’re Building a New Community Hall

$10 of $1 million raised

Why a Community Hall?

Our previous Academic Institute project was very successful and beyond our expectations in being completed from start to finish in one year and solely funded within our own monastic community. (approx. $4,000,000. USD) !

Now we need to reach further and graciously ask for your help.

Our motivation is to provide our local and the global community a safe and spiritually nurturing environment. No matter where you come from and what spiritual journey you are on you are welcomed here.

Our aspiration is too see the Community Hall come to fruition quickly. It's design will accommodate large groups of people for various gatherings that will include ceremonies on auspicious days, access for locals to have community based programs especially for youth and the elderly.

The building will be 5 stories tall and 2,000 sq ft. The first floor will house the place of worship and all the supporting statues, altar materials and thankas. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor will be meeting rooms and classrooms. The 5th will be guest rooms for visiting teachers.

The cost for this project includes everything from start to finish: Tibetan architect planners, painters, artists, carpenters, statues and materials. All materials and professionals will be sourced locally (Tibet and China).

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Donation Total: $20.00