Ancient Text Preservation

The Barom Kagyu lineage was thought by many that it had become extinct.....after the 14th century very few monasteries and nunneries existed and a few dedicated yogis and yoginis continued quietly in Himalayan hermitages...because it was an 'oral transmission' lineage, scriptures were also rare....catastrophes that left the remaining places of worship in ruins were not rebuilt. The locals knew.

The western hemisphere barely knew until the last 50 years, even with advancements in technology, there is little known about this lineage.

Scholars and Tibetologists who were researching, practitioners searching, and lineage masters realizing their heritage started to unfold, like a lotus flower opening in slow motion, each petal holding a rich and intriguing story.

Achievements and realizations unheard of in our modern day, yet all of it is possible....

We invite you to join us on this journey of unfolding a lineage heritage unlike any other in the world. This is an on-going project as texts emerge from private collections, libraries, monasteries and homes. We need to copy, check, cross-check, print, digitize and create an on-line library accessible to all. All 40 + Barom Kagyu monasteries will also receive the texts for their libraries.

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