Langray Terpah Gyamtsey ( 1338-1410)

Langray Terpah Gyamtsey (1338-1410) was born at Zaju Shetzah Trongmo Che to his father, Lang Rinchen Lama (mother’s name unknown) and became a student of Tong Nah Repa Lodoe Dorje.

At only three years old he was already accomplished in sitting in the yoga posture, levitate, and had the ability to shape stone. His teacher gave him the name of Jamgyon Thakpa Gyamtsen.

Langray Terppah Gyamtsey received teachings from Karmapa Ropal Dorje, Repa Lodoe Dorje and Lharay Tsindru Paurah.

He meditated for 20 years in places such as Droloh Ningpo and Sherton Gyamgyal. His teacher passed at Droloh Ningpo.

Khandrolma comes to him as a fox in a vision. The fox runs off with his shoes and he follows the fox prints to Chyobrak Neykin now called Chyobrak Wodzey. He finds his shoes there and understands that this is a message this place is very special and to build a ghompa called Wodzey monastery.

He passes in 1410 leaving two heart students, Trongmah Say Chu Djah Lodoe and Chudjay Sonam Zangpo.