Tong Nah Repa Lodoe Dorje (1288-1349)

Tong Nah Repa Lodoe Dorje (1288-1349), was born in Djerjig Dong Rong Chig Nag to his father, Tsap Sur Singay Pal and mother, Bhum Stah Pema. He received most of his teachings from Sanjoh Jaynah.

He reached many high levels of realizations which presented in his Tummo practice. There was no snow around his place, it would melt while he was there! During his meditation he received many visions of Palden Lhamo and other deities.

Dharma Wangchuk monastery site

For many years he looked after Dharma Wangchuks’ monastery, the first Barom Kagyu monastery, near Nagchu (Dingsah Ti). He also served as the assistant administrator at Tsurphu Monastery (Karma Kagyu).

He died at Danyin Lachon nearby.

He had many students who built many monasteries throughout Ghomde – Nangchen. The following are his main students

1.Rung won Wangjel

2. Wontsul Loh Wah, both 1. and 2.  are sons from his brother and they continued the Barom Kagyu lineage.

3. Lahray Tsun Duh Parwah who started Chyobrak Kagyu, one of the 18 monasteries born from Kumbum,

4. Je ray Rinchen Chianmtsin, (Sherpu Kagyu)

5. Charpoh Thubten Zopah, (Charpoh Kagyu)