Sanjoh Jaynah (1254-1323)

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Sanjoh Jaynah (1254-1323) was born in Jahlah Gah Tsokay Tsum Doh, Kham. He was the younger of two sons. His father was Jahlah Sanje Gum, who was Lume Dorje’s brother. Sanjoh Jaynah mothers’ name is unknown at the moment.

Sanjoh Jaynah received most of his education from his teacher, Lume Dorje, and as a result of his dedication to Lume Dorje became his number one student. While Sanjoy Jaynah was meditating in another location Lume Dorje passed away.

All the top Lamas from Kumbum ( Photang- Nangsoh Changmo) decided that Sanjoh Jaynah was to be the next head administrator. While at Kumbum, he build Tsangma Tserpa – Lang Khang (also known as Tsan Tser Stang, Stang meaning one family) for personal yogi retreats and special pujas. The main monastery hall and the retreat hall were the two main buildings at Kumbum. There were many other small retreat houses and monasteries in the surrounding area of Za Mechen.

Photang- Nangsoh Changmo is the main Barom Kagyu monastery at that time that was very actively propagating the dharma and lineage. 18 other monasteries were born from here and built throughout the Gomdhe- Nangchen area. It was supported by the King of Nangchen at that time which made the monastery a royal family heritage and very powerful. Tsangma Tserpa – Lang Khang (retreat facility) also had this status as many realized yogis and Rinpoches came from here.

The name of Kumbum and Tsangma Tserpa place names are shortened to Nang Yah Ny. Tibetan history can be found in this info.

Sanjoh Jaynah dies at 70 years old. His brother and brothers’ son continue Tsangma Tserpa and call it Tsang Tsar Tsang.

The Kingdom of Nangchen then also looks after Kumbum and call it Nangchen Stang.

Sanjoh Jaynah has three heart disciples: 1. Dak Tsur-Wa, 2. Tong Nak Repa Lodoe Dorje, 3. Dak Sanwa

other info: Nanjo Chenmo maybe blue because Nangchen Kingdoms son’s building was also blue. Kunghung Khoh (rock) means blue building which is surrounded by the mountains and rocks.