Lumed Dorje (1227-1292)

Lumed Dorje was born at Kyela Thang Fort near the Kedo Sea in the valley range of Gyamgyal Dothi Snow Mountain, to the son of Kyela Geshe, the race of Lhachen Tsangpa Karpo in 1227 in the fire female pig year of fourth Rabjung in the Tibetan calendar.

At Tsulkangna, where Repa Karpo was doing blessings to people from Nedruk with his feet while on horseback, Repa Karpo noticed Lumed Dorje and saw that he was worthy to be a disciple. He blessed him with his hand and asked him, “Son, could you practice Dharma?”,  because of his previous aspirations, Lumed Dorje’s body shook when he heard that, and he started to cry and he answered, “ at any cost! Please accept me through your compassion! Repa Karpo was pleased. Lumed Dorje sent his companions home and stayed with his root guru.

He was ordained by Repa Karpo in the presence of many Geshes and Khenpos and named Jangchub Pal. He was taught all the fundamental philosophies. He went to Lhasa and learnt all the Shang Serpa Rinpoche’s teachings such as Gyedor and Gypa Dorje, Hevajra, and Palden Lhamo from Lohg Sijid Drakpa,  Chod from Chultrim Shakya, and the special five teachings of Dzer Nga( 5 Volumes from Jung Rinpoche -meditate on emptiness, meditate on the deity, Shang Tserpa’s name, a practice like the 13 doctrines) from Tsal Lahpupa. From the Khadhampa Lama Tsyulwa at his monastery , he learnt about Tsokdak; Ganesh by staying there.

Lumed Dorje and Repa Karpo were invited to a neighbourhood to do puja and the host gave out dorlma (a little root popular in Tibet). It had so much ghee (clear butter) in the dorlma that not many people wanted to eat it. Lumed Dorje ate his portion and his masters Repa Karpo, everyone worried that Lumed Dorje was going to be sick…Repa Karpo said don’t worry because Lume Dorje is really good at Tummo yoga.  Lumed Dorje had gone out and Repa Karpo told the other monks to go and look for him. When they found him he was sitting in a yak pen on a rock and doing Tummo yoga. The ghee was flowing out of his body in the form of blue smoke through the hair on his arms and through his finger tips and nails. He was able to transform the ghee in his nervous system and channels because he was a high level Tummo practitioner.

The Sakya Lama, Drogon Chokya Pupa was traveling from Mongolia to go to Sakya to his monastery. When he was passing through Nangchen, the monks from Kumbum visited him as he was the mentor of the whole empire of Mongol and Tibet. They told him that Repa Karpo had passed and requested Chokya Pupa to appoint a new head of Kumbum. He said I am from the Sakya lineage and you are from the Kagyu lineage, it is like putting a different head on the body, so you have to find someone. The monks replied that here at Kumbum everyone is equal no one is above or below in their levels of training. They said the only person who is more knowledgeable and scholarly and is suitable is in Lhasa.  Chokya Pupa replied that one or two of you come with me. He went to his own monastery in Sakya, and the two others carried on to Lhasa to look for Lumed Dorje.

When they found Lumed Dorje (at that time he was 39 yrs old) they went back to Sakya to see Chokya Pupa. He told Lumed Dorje to be the head of Kumbum as you are the most learned of all and gives him the seal and makes him the administrator.  While at Sakya, Lumed Dorje received teachings on the 4 armed Mahakala and this Sakya style is still used today in the Barom Kagyu lineage. He then went to Kumbum and they welcomed him with a big ceremony and a newly built throne. He was appointed in 1265 and remained in the administrative role for twenty eight years. During that time he built many new temples at Kumbum. He passed into Nirvana at Kumbum at the age of sixty six in 1292 in the fish month on the 8th day in the afternoon of 5th century water male dragon year.

In his life he displayed many miracles such as showing formless or shadowless in the daylight, moonlight or by lamp. He also left his footprint in stone. He was known as Lumed Dorje; formless Vajra or bodiless Vajra, because of his attainments. When he walked he looked like he wasn’t touching the ground, as if walking in space. In the mountains he appeared to be flying everywhere. He displayed many miracles. Even when sleeping he would visit pure lands. He never had any difficulties and his body looked like crystal. He had surpassed the 5 aggregates and was in a constant state of Samadhi. He was very stable, seemed indestructible and looked empty, hence the name “Vajra”.

He had visions of Palden Lhamo, who told him that the lineage would be protected for thirteen generations.

Lumed Dorje had four heart sons (Gawa (pillar) Dorje, students): Sangchok Juno ( main lineage doctrine holder), Chutem Sangye (empowerments, initiations and blessings), Shakya Dorje (accomplished meditator and gave teachings on Mahamudra), Sanchok Gonpo (accomplished in predictions, divination, and had good karma and conditions (dependent arising) for his personal practice).

“4 Dharma Volumes of texts of Lumed Dorje”,  a compilation of the 6 yogas of Naropa, commentary for thirteen points for Mahamudra, that Dharma Wangchuk wrote), Togpa Dralwae Dorje of Chakrasamvara, and the ten Dharmas. He also had Vajra Songs (Dohas) and many other writings.

The Khenpos of the Barom Kagyu Scripture Compilation Center don’t have the 4 Dharma Volumes and texts of Lumed Dorje,…. they are still missing.