Lord Barompa Copper Statue

Introduction to This Precious Image

This precious image of the glorious Barompa Dharma Wangchuk brings liberation upon sight. It depicts the appearance of this holy being exactly as described in his Guru sadhanas. As well, it includes the features depicted on the first folio of an old edition of his collected songs. On February 19th, 2019—the fifteenth day of the Tibetan Month of Miracles, in Thimphu, the capital of the Buddhist country of Bhutan, the famous sculptor Karma la made the original mold of this image. Using it as the basis for casting, almost 21,000 of these precious images were created – pleasing to the sight and fields of merit for devotees.

These are made of 97% copper. They also include gold, silver, iron, refined copper, and bronze—the five precious metals. In addition they include gold from the Jowo in Lhasa; old and sacred materials from the Tashi Öbar image brought to Tibet from China by the Mahasiddha Karma Pakshi; precious copper ore from Gegyal; meteorite; and iron from the chains used by the Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo in building iron suspension bridges. Because they are made from so many rare and precious materials, needless to say, they can prevent all sorts of adversity. Especially, iron from the Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo’s iron suspension bridges is renowned for protection from earthquakes and other harm caused by the disturbance of the four elements. All the metals have been melted together totaling 18kgs, and as each statue is created there is a small amount dropped into the hot copper mix and hence the statue is infused with the precious 5 metals. The metals are kept securely during production to ensure no misplacement.

Each month a puja is recited by the Lamas at the factory to keep the energy pure and clean during production.

Each aspect of the Barompa statue has been thought out to ensure the sum total to truly reflect world and inner peace.



Lotus seat: represents the beauty and purity of what can grow from mud; our own delusions are like mud and by rubbing the lotus seat and thinking of our delusions being the foundation of new growth and release of what are the obstacles to our enlightenment.



Seated and cloaked: not seeing the positioning of the legs and feet indicates a deeper method of practice, the meditation cloak covering all to reflect being humble in practice.


Hands positioned in Dharmachakra mudra: literally turning the wheel of the dharma, the teaching and propagation of the dharma.

Serene and wise face: reflection of the result of deep inner peace from meditation practice.

Barom Kagyu lineage hat: when viewed from above the statue, this also has the shape of the Chinese gold nugget historically used as currency and in modern times is looked upon as very lucky, rubbing this can benefit ones protection of all levels of wealth

The statue as a whole: This one of a kind statue in the Barom Kagyu lineage is the first of it’s kind to be produced since Barompas’ passing. Wherever this statue is placed it will be a conduit for positive energy and world peace. It is 97% copper, and copper being highly conductive, will attract and radiate/transfer positive vibrations. This will contribute to the tranquility of your space and to world peace.

Each statue can be personalized to ones liking. The base element of copper can hold gold gilting perfectly with a gold painted face according to ones personal financial ability.  

These images, blazing with blessing, have been sponsored by thousands of people who have faith and connection with the Barom Kagyu lineage, Barom Kagyu Buddhist Association and the Barom Kagyu Scripture Compilation Center.

May the goodness of their wondrous deeds so utterly pacify all sickness, famine, strife and other adversities throughout the world and bring all beings to enjoy lasting, glorious auspiciousness!

If you are interested in one for yourself or to sponsor for others you can order through Zambala Arts.


Videos of melting the metals below.