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2011 first official board meeting in Sharmda

In 2011 representatives from 40+ monasteries met and voted to form the Barom Kagyu Buddhist Association to represent the entire Barom Kagyu lineage. Khenchen Thubten Lekshe is presently serving his third three year term as elected president. The BKBA recognized themselves as a group that represents and works to preserve the Barom Kagyu lineage.

2015 BKBA seeks the advice of other lineages
Lineage Thankas will be placed in all Barom Kagyu monasteries

In 2015 BKBA determined that Thankas and texts are a vital life blood to a lineages’ integrity and initiated a program for all the Thankas to be painted that represent the Barom Kagyu lineage. These are being privately sponsored locally in Gomdhe-Nangchen. When completed they will be placed freely in all the Barom Kagyu Monasteries.

At that time they also created the Barom Kagyu Scripture Compilation Centre (click) with guidance from other lineage Lamas. All of the texts from this lineage were carved into wood block in 1940 by Tsang Tsar Lodoe Rinchen Rinpoche. During the 1958 changes in Tibet all of these wood blocks and most texts were burned. This was devastating to a dedicated community of practitioners. Most of the outside world already believed the Barom Kagyu lineage had disappeared or barely existed.

It was unanimously agreed to search for the remaining texts, then copy, digitalize, preserve the texts, and in future distribute hard copies to the monasteries freely and have all the texts available on line. Surprisingly, 60 of the 70 volumes of texts have been recovered from several sources, the main sources being from the private libraries of Chorak Thungkar Rinpoche and Tsang Tsa Lodoe Rinchen Rinpoche, both of which the Barom Kagyu Association is deeply grateful to.

You can keep current with the progress of the ancient text project on the Facebook page link.

Some of what is found is so delicate!


A Chengdu home has been allocated for the duration of the text project. This location provides access to materials not readily available in Sharmda. (Nangchen). From the forty plus monasteries, four to twelve Barom Kagyu scholars stay at the home in winter months (6 – 7 months) to work on the texts from two weeks to a month. They work Monday to Saturday from 8a.m. to 6p.m. with a lunch break from 12 till 2. The project continues when working out of Nangchen in the summer but is slower because of power outages and material availability.

You are welcome to download the following brochures if you would like to know more about this amazing project and what’s up in the future. You are welcome to share! Please do not make any changes to the information.

Ancient Text Brochure

募款檔案 修改 中文

BKBA Future Brochure

1最新BKpdf –中文

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